U.S. East Coast 7–17 April 2013Back

About 17 years after my last trip to the U.S., CPSWeek 2013 brought me back to the States. After spending five days in Philadelphia at the conference, I spent another good five days on Long Island visiting relatives once again after a long time.


After a Sunday afternoon arrival, our tutorial on probabilistic hybrid systems took place on Monday morning already. I then had the rest of Monday for myself, and used the time for an unplanned dentist visit and a nice walk all through the city centre in the sunshine before meeting Cătălin and Beate for dinner. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday then were conference days, including the demo and poster session on Tuesday evening and the conference banquet on Wednesday. After a relaxing final evening in the hotel pool, I departed for New York on an Amtrak Keystone service just before noon on Friday.


New York, Long Island

Over the following four full and two half days, I enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of Corrine and Rick on Long Island. Rick and I went to the New York Botanical Garden on Saturday and did a small tour out of the urban areas and into the more rural northeast of the island on Sunday afternoon. On Monday and Tuesday, I used the (somewhat slow: about 2 hours for the trip between Port Jefferson and Penn Station) Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to get into Manhattan and explore New York City. On Monday, this included an early dinner with Carol and family. Finally, late Wednesday morning, Corrine—en route to a meeting in Boston—dropped me off at the station in Stony Brook so I could catch my flight back home to Germany from JFK in the afternoon.