Summer in Sweden 6–29 July 2013Back

58 colourful pictures are the photographic result of our family summer in Sweden in July 2013. Since Jörg and Ursula had already booked the night ferry from Kiel to Gothenburg, including a cabin for two, I travelled north by train a few days earlier and spent the weekend at Anke's place in Gothenburg. After that, it was time for relaxing weeks in our summer house in Landeryd, where Anke and Sara also visited us for some time.


After a problem-free train trip via Fehmarn Belt (by ferry) and Øresund (by bridge), I arrived in Gothenburg on Saturday evening. On Sunday, Anke and I explored Vrångö, an island in Gothenburg's skerry archipelago. On the way back through the city, we passed by Slotsskogsparken to see the penguins and seals. Finally, the rest of the family arrived on Monday morning, and after we unloaded all the boxes brought from Oldenburg for Anke and she started unpacking, the rest of us went on to Landeryd.


Landeryd and surroundings

After many years of changeable and so-so weather, July 2013 was what summer in Sweden is supposed to be like: Long, sunny and warm days, swimming in the lakes, boating and biking.