Illingen Swim-and-Bike Tours Back

Photos of two combined swimming and biking tours, on which slightly different sets of people took the train to Illingen-Gennweiler, went to the Illingen swimming pool for an hour, and then biked back to Saarbrücken through the Köllertal valley on slightly different routes.

Illingen to Völklingen 29 March 2014

At the end of March, Jan, Lei and I followed the former railway line all the way from Heusweiler to Völklingen (albeit with Jan leaving us in Etzenhofen to take the more direct route back to Saarbrücken) and then took the bike path between the river Saar and the autobahn back to Saarbrücken.


Illingen to Saarbrücken 26 April 2014

Roughly one month later, Anne and I instead went from Etzenhofen via Riegelsberg (which unexpectedly really was on a significant hill) and the A1 motorway back to Saarbrücken.