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March was travel time again: First DATE in Dresden, then MMB/DFT in Kaiserslautern the week after.

DATE 2012, Dresden 12–15 March 2012

At the beginning of March, I spent four days in Dresden for DATE 2012. I learned a lot about scheduling, worst-case execution times, scheduling, and worst-case execution times, and also about scheduling; on Thursday evening, I could also do a bit of teaching myself concerning Modest. In an untypical move for a conference, food was rather scarce and coffee breaks were well below average. Unfortunately, and confirming Murphy's Law, my laptop's SSD (model OCZ Vertex 2) spontaneously and definitely decided to stop working between my leaving the train and checking into the hotel...


MMB/DFT 2012, Kaiserslautern 19–20 March 2012

The next week at MMB/DFT 2012 in Kaiserslautern was much more relaxed: First, my laptop was working again. Second, due to the short distance to Saarbrücken, there was no need to stay in a hotel, and third: Coffee breaks and lunches were about two orders of magnitude better than in Dresden, plus there was a very nice social event as well!